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Previous meetings:

What you missed at March's meeting:

Optional Block for Next Meeting: A Day At The Fair!
12.5 block to represent a Day at the Fair. Think barnyard animals, rides, games... use your imagination. If nothing else just make a standard block in any pattern with LOTS of color.

Just what is the Optional Block?!?!?!

Various Blocks

  1. Each first Thursday of the month you'll be given an assignment to make a block (voluntary).
  2. The blocks theme and/or pattern and/or colors as well as the size will be provided.
  3. Complete your block befor the next month's meeting.
  4. Everyone who created a block will be eligible to win the blocks and they are yours to keep! One name per block, so if you were ambitious and made 2 you get to put your name in twice .
    1. One little exception about the drawing, if you've won in the past you MUST complete a quilt top (or something) using the blocks you've previously won before you are eligible to win again. To see examples of previous completed Optional Block projects click here.


The 're-opening' of Red Hen brought out lots of smile with the 1st Thursday Quilters! I even see a few new faces to the group!

Welcome aboard!

Show and Tell

This is a garden path quilt made by new member Carrie.
This is an original design made by Carrie's son Joshua. He is 12.

Sandy shows off a beautifully done scrappy quilt with nice spring colors.


This is an original design by Renee.
So creative, the great choice of fabrics bring the ladies to life!

This is a prayer quilt that sue shared with us. We were all encouraged to tie a knot and say a prayer for someone as we did so.

This is the cat quilt sandra made from the blocks she won at 1st Thursday last year. Its lucky I missed that meeting or I may have 'borrowed' it on the way out the door! I love kitties!!! The quilt on the right she made from 'scrub' scraps given to her by a friend that makes surgical scrubs. Fun fabrics!


Previous months blocks completed :

Circle Theme

Tracy's Quillo

Blocks won by Tracy Windsor who created a Quillo (quilt pillow)


Blocks won by Bo Fan

Using star pattern provided

Blocks won by Bo and given to Nicole Sewell
4 of the blocks were used to create this quilt for Quilts of Valor

Southwestern theme
Must use apiece of blue/black animal fabric provided

Blocks won by Mary Anne Henderson
Handsome snakee in the grassee
Whispersss love to snakee lassee
"Sneaky Snake"

Flip Flop Fabric or Design

Blocks won by Tracy Windsor
"Here Comes Summer"




Alzheimer's Quilt Project

The first batch of quilts will be sent out this month.
The next batch will be on the way once the quilting has been completed.

Special thanks to Red Hen Fabrics for donation of the foundation fabric
and lots of yellows to use to give the blocks some uniformity.


Thread Catcher by Sue McBride

Click the image below for instructions on how to make this quick project
- perfect gift for your sewing buddies.





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